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Filament Dryer - Sunlu S4 review.

Last year, I joined the hype train for the SunLu S4 filament dryer. The dryer boasts being able to dry 4 rolls of 1kg filament at once, with an optional 3D print to convert the dryer to support 3kg rolls.

Cura Settings - Make overhangs printable

I accidently enabled this setting in my slicer for my prints on my Ender 5. The effect was that holes which were meant to be in the model simply didn't exist.

DSPIAE Electric model sander review

As part of 3D printing and making in general, I tend to need to sand objects alot. Whether that be with my hand mouse sander on an Iron Man helmet or touching up a more detailed resin model. So, when I saw a small electric sander on Aliexpress, I decided to buy it and try it out.

Beagle Cam v2 and home assistant.

I have octoprint set up with home assistant for monitoring my prints. Some times, it is easier to get notifications that way. For the resin printer I use a beagle cam v2. I don't have any integrations or plugins for this printer.

Resin printing Failures ... A FAQ

A casual list of failures and things I do to put them right when resin printing. As I come across more, I will update this page.

Resin printer setup

I get asked from time to time what I use for 3D resin printing. While I am still getting to grips with all the ins and outs, I have had some good results.

New Printer, Who Dis?

I bought myself an older CR-10 MAX printer to do some larger prints from ebay. It came with one known fault - an issue with the BL Touch. Spending £150 on a printer with £50 P&P - what could go wrong?

Overture PLA

After a bit of a disaster with the Glow in the dark filament, I moved to a marble based filament by Overture. As I had just bought 2KG of this filament (it was cheap on Amazon) and then another 2 of matt white PLA (at about £8 per roll), I really wanted a nice easy filamant to work with.

Glow in the dark filament

A couple of years ago I bought a roll of glow in the dark filament from the company Amolen. As I have only 1 roll, I have no idea if my experiences are indicative of the filament in general, or just a one off.

Rainbow filament

While getting back in to 3D printing, I broke out one of the oldest filaments I have, a rainbow filament. I bought the filament over a year or 3 ago to mix things up a bit. I encountered some issues, some of which you may face yourself.
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