Cura Settings - Make overhangs printable

I accidently enabled this setting in my slicer for my prints on my Ender 5. The effect was that holes which were meant to be in the model simply didn't exist. While this setting may be great for overhangs which aren't meant to be supported, it does have quite a few drawbacks.

I print quite a few parts which have holes for screws in them. This setting has a habit of filling or at least half filling the holes, even if not required. Due to this, I have had to reprint some of my models. The ones I didn't have to reprint, I did use a soldering iron on them to make the hole the correct size and shape again.

Another drawback is that it tends to fill large gaps. I recently printed the microdot ant weight battle bot to build with my son. Unfortunately, due to the setting, the three raised triangles which are meant to be empty got filled. A big problem when you are trying to keep the weight down.

If you are wondering why I printed so many things with it on if it's so bad is that I don't remember turning it on and it took a while to diagnose.

Hopefully, this will help someone find the issue and be able to correct it. Disabling the option is as simple as searching the cura settings for "make overhangs printable" - even just using the term "make" should find the option. Just disable it, reslice and you should be good to go. Just don't forget to review your print before sending it to the slicer.

Hope this post helps and good luck in carrying on your 3d printing journey.

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