DSPIAE Electric model sander review

As part of 3D printing and making in general, I tend to need to sand objects alot. Whether that be with my hand mouse sander on an Iron Man helmet or touching up a more detailed resin model. So, when I saw a small electric sander by DSPIAE on Aliexpress, I decided to buy it and try it out.

So what did I get?

The advert was a little unclear, so I opted to buy the electric sander, should sanding sheets and sanding heads. The total cost was £50.38 for the lot. This borke down to be £27.89 for the sander it's self, £12.39 for the sanding sheets and £4.39 for the heads.

The set and parts I ordered.

First things first, upon opening the sander's box, I realised that it came with the heads and sand paper, so I could have saved almost half the immediate cost.

The sanding set as it arrived and unboxed.
The sander up close with the sanding head attached.

I have used this sander with great results on quite a few resin models now. I've yet to try it on Warhammer, so your mileage may vary. Once I had set up the sander by sticking a sanding pad on to the head, I tested the sander on a project or 2. I had a statue of Khonshu that I was preparing to replace one I gave away, so I tried that.

As a note, the resin was a mix for ABS like resin and standard resin, but the sanding worked pretty well.

Khonshu base before sanding
Khonshu base after sanding

Once tested on the base - a large flat surface that isn't going to be seen - I progressed on to the back of the model to see what the sander was capable of.

Khonshu back before sanding
Khonshu back after sanding

While not exactly the best pictures in the world, they do show that the sander did a reasonable job on the models without destroying the piece. While it is possible to apply too much pressure, the sander is easy to work with and does a good job quickly.

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