Resin printing Failures ... A FAQ

A casual list of failures and things I do to put them right when resin printing. As I come across more, I will update this page.

Failure: Model doesn't appear to adhear to the bed.

Solution(s): This has quite a few different things that could be wrong. This list isn't exhaustive at the moment but try:

Setting the z home and leveling the bed - If the distance isn't right, the gap might not be big enough or too large for the filament to set properly.

Heating the resin vat - warmer resin sticks and works better. Heating a chamber might be an idea here.

Build plate not rough enough - Sand the build plate if you have adhesion problems. 400 Grit should be adequate. If you have a metal flex plate, bear in mind, one side might be rougher than the other, so consider which side is face down.

Check settings - Are you leaving long enough for the first few layers? These do support the rest of the print, so are crucial to get right.

Failure: The model fails mid print.


Check the supports in the slicer - Are you printing in mid-air?

Check the orientation of the print - are you putting too much weight on to weakly supported areas?

Check you have hollowed the print - closely related to the above, but hollowing the print will make it lighter.

Check you have escape holes - Don't want to be creating a vacuum problem with the hollowed out shape not being able to drain properly.

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