Beagle Cam v2 and home assistant.

I have octoprint set up with home assistant for monitoring my prints. Some times, it is easier to get notifications that way. I also have my emergency shut off with my FDM printers, should the smoke alarm go off. For the resin printer I use a beagle cam v2. I don't have any integrations or plugins for this printer.

While I do like the Beagle Cam, I would like to be able to monitor it a bit more. Fortunately, it does come with rtsp streaming built in. RTSP is a standard video protocol, which means I could pipe the stream to a PVR (such as Frigate) or, in my case, home assistant.

What benefits does this bring? Well, the first thing it gives me is the ability to watch the print. The beagle cam doesn't interact with the resin printer other than taking timelapses (this is more the printer than the camera) despite being a reasonable replacement for Octoprint. I did also consider using it on my CR-10 Max.

So, since I want to be able to see all the printers in the one place, there are a few things I need to do with this to get it sorted. First off, you need to have the camera set to a static IP address, so that home assistant can find the camera. You will also need your username and password. If they are still set to 'admin' and 'admin' you might want to change them.

I have yet to find the still image url, but I get along without it for the moment. The Stream url is:

rtsp://<username>:<password>@<ip or fqdn>:554/1

You will need to set out the details as above, then click submit. The next page will take you to a screen with a broken image - thanks to the lack of the still image url - with a check box and submit button. Click the check box and submit. The camera should now be added to home assistant for your viewing pleasure.

As mentioned before, you can probably connect this up to frigate. Better yet, if you have a self hosted version of the Spagetti detective / Obico, you may be able to create an interface to tell you when things are going wrong.

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