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Wireless doorbell hacking

I bought a wireless doorbell from B&M and the doorbell works great. I have always been interested in decoding radio, so this gave me a chance to try this out. My end goal here is to be able to press the doorbell and have home assistant act on the button press.

eMotion and Modbus

As I write this, Paul Hibbert released this video on youtube 3 days ago. The video features a very smart sensor doing presence detection. The company linknlink were new to me and following the recommendation from Paul, I bought a couple of eMotion sensors.

M5stack Echo with a hex light

With all my playing around with home assistant, I've bought myself a M5stack Echo. The echo is the variant of choice for home assistant's "Year of the voice". The other day, I did come across a 37 led array in the shape of a hexagon on Aliexpress.

My Ender 5

I have been 3D printing since COVID. Like many others, I decided I needed a new hobby to spend my time at home on. Shame it was still tied to computers, but it was sufficiently different to distract me. The printer I chose was an Ender 5 pro.

I'm off to bed...

Further to my post about the sensors I have, I

Epaper Displays and waste management

So, if you have read any of my other posts you may have already setup your waste management reminders and your epaper display access point(s) and tags. So if we have both of these things, why not combine them?

Bin Reminders

Ah the bins... Do you forget to take them out?

Epaper Displays

One of my friends has been raving about epaper displays
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