Podcasts are a great way to keep yourself up to date with whatever interests you. To get started with listening, all your really need is a player. Some major services include Google Podcasts and Apple Podcasts. Personally, I perfer podcast republic.

Once you've found the ones you want, subscribing to the podcast will schedule downloads for you. The podcasts I listen to do tend to be security focused, but there are some different ones too. I've divided them up as best I can and added parts of the podcasts own descriptions to help you see if the podcast is right for you.

Health based Podcasts

Hacking your health - The goal with this podcast is to bring a central point for people to learn everything about fitness, nutrition, mindset, business, day-to-day life, and more. The podcast is run by Ben Canning, a personal trainer that trains both men and women to hit their desired goals, and David Kennedy, a cyber security expert and CEO/founder of TrustedSec and Binary Defense.

Just One Thing - If time is tight, what's the one thing that you should be doing to improve your health and wellbeing? Michael Mosley reveals surprisingly simple top tips that are scientifically proven to change your life.

Kwik Brain with Jim Kwik - Kwik Brain is a fun, fast-paced show designed to help busy people learn and achieve anything in a fraction of the time!

General Podcasts

Foundations Of Amateur Radio - Starting in the wonderful hobby of Amateur or HAM Radio can be daunting and challenging but can be very rewarding. Every week I look at a different aspect of the hobby, how you might fit in and get the very best from the 1000 hobbies that Amateur Radio represents.

No Such Thing as a fish - Each week Dan, James, Anna and Andy discuss their favourite facts unearthed in the past seven days. New episode every Friday.

The Jordan Harbinger Show - where self-motivated people, just like you, dig deep into the untapped wisdom of the world’s sharpest minds — from legendary creators to intelligence operatives, iconoclastic writers to visionary change-makers.

Smart Passive Income - Our podcasts take you inside the minds and behind the scenes of successful entrepreneurs and their businesses.

Automovie Podcast - No link, as the website was broken at the time of writing. However, if you like movies, cars and more importantly movies about cars, then this podcast is for you.

Security Podcasts - Technical

Internet Storm Center's Stormcast -  A 5 minute daily look at the security vulnerabilites you should be aware of.

Application Security Podcast - Topics range from DevOps+security, secure coding, OWASP, threat modeling, security culture, and the latest trends regarding application security.

Down the security Rabbithole - The DtSR Podcast is dedicated to the cyber security profession - with news, personalities, topics of interest, and discussion you won't find elsewhere.

Privacy, Security and OSINT - Our podcast presents ideas to help you become digitally invisible, stay secure from cyber threats, and make you a better online investigator.

Security Podcasts - News

Risky Business - A weekly news and current affairs show for cybersecurity. There is usually a more indepth interview to accompany the news.

Smashing Security - A helpful and hilarious take on the week’s tech SNAFUs. Cybersecurity industry veterans Graham Cluley and Carole Theriault chat with guests about cybercrime, hacking, and online privacy. It’s not your typical cybersecurity podcast…

The Cyber law podcast - The Cyberlaw Podcast is a weekly interview series and discussion offering an opinionated roundup of the latest events in technology, security, privacy, and government. It features in-depth interviews of a wide variety of guests, including academics, politicians, authors, reporters, and other technology and policy newsmakers. Hosted by cybersecurity attorney Stewart Baker, whose views expressed are his own.

The IT Governance Podcast - Discussion around the week's news and then a section on IT Governance.

Security Podcasts - Story based

Darknet Diaries - True stories from the dark side of the Internet. This is a podcast about hackers, breaches, shadow government activity, hacktivism, cybercrime, and all the things that dwell on the hidden parts of the network.

Malicious Life - Malicious Life by Cybereason tells the unknown stories of the history of cybersecurity, with comments and reflections by real hackers, security experts, journalists, and politicians

WeegieCast - Forewarning - Most episodes are pretty NSFW so be warned! A long time ago, roughly 5 years ago, two like-minded people met and formed a partnership the likes of which the galaxy has never seen... with their powers combined, they formed an internet security podcast called..."Weegiecast"

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