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Deploying vault via docker and ansible

Adding to my in-promptu series on automating docker containers with ansible, this time I'm looking at Hashicorp's Vault. This is slightly different, in that it required a binary to be installed on the ansible controller (a raspberry pi). Once vault is deployed, we need to unseal the containter.

Monitoring DMARC with Docker

In this post, I deploy a docker container via docker compose and ansible to read my dmarc reports.

Wireless doorbell hacking

I bought a wireless doorbell from B&M and the doorbell works great. I have always been interested in decoding radio, so this gave me a chance to try this out. My end goal here is to be able to press the doorbell and have home assistant act on the button press.

Gitlab pipelines

As a later post will show, I've been using gitlab pipelines to validate some of my code for me. As a security conscious person, I've been interested in building security in to pipelines.

The laziest talk I've ever done.

Tonight, when this post goes live, I'll be presenting my laziest talk ever. It is entitled "Security horror stories". I can't share any of the content, but I can share how it came to be.


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