Raspberry PI

Things to do with raspberry pis

Deploying vault via docker and ansible

Adding to my in-promptu series on automating docker containers with ansible, this time I'm looking at Hashicorp's Vault. This is slightly different, in that it required a binary to be installed on the ansible controller (a raspberry pi). Once vault is deployed, we need to unseal the containter.

My Ender 5

I have been 3D printing since COVID. Like many others, I decided I needed a new hobby to spend my time at home on. Shame it was still tied to computers, but it was sufficiently different to distract me. The printer I chose was an Ender 5 pro.

Getting started with automation

So, you want to get started with the wonderful world of automation but don't know where to start? Well, lets take a look at what you need to kick things off.

Getting hold of Raspberry PIs on the cheap with Huginn.

I love home automation, but I hate what IFTTT have
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