Overture PLA

After a bit of a disaster with the Glow in the dark filament, I moved to a marble based filament by Overture. As I had just bought 2KG of this filament (it was cheap on Amazon) and then another 2 of matt white PLA (at about £8 per roll), I really wanted a nice easy filamant to work with.

My test print for the filament was a wall mouse holder by CHSEngineering. The print was going to be functional for my office. When I placed the model in to cura, however, the scale was all wrong. Reading through the comments, I found that I needed to scale the file by 1000%.

Unfortunately, the functional side of the print was a bit of a failure, as it was too small for my mouse. On the printing side, this filament just worked with my regular settings. As you can tell from the youtube video, it printed great straight away. This was a real boost from the disappointing GITD filament. The print looked great. Can't wait to try the next roll and the matt white too.

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