Books of 2023

Over the course of 2023, I sat down to read (or listened to via audiobooks) the following books. Links to the books are via amazon affiliates. It would be great if you support my work.

The Prince - Machiavelli

Almost everyone has heard of this book in social engineering circles.

Troy - Stephen Fry

The third book in the, well, trilogy that started with Mythos, then went on to Heroes. This book, as you might expect, tells the tales of the Trojan war and how it came about. It is well written, funny and, as I listened to the audiobook, beautifully narrated by the author.

Fulgrim - Graham McNeill

The 5th book in the horus heresy series, set in the warhammer futuristic universe. I would say 40K, but this is actually set 10,000 years earlier and sets the scene for the gaming part of the "hobby". This particular book is a departure from the previous 4, as it has a different focus, namely the titular Fulgrim and the Emporer's Children legion. If you were a fan of the first 4 books, you'll probably like this one too.

CCSP study guide

Basically, I'm studying for my CCSP and this is recommended reading. The book itself isn't exactly a grip you by the seat of the pants thriller, but then it wasn't meant to be. As a study aid goes, it was bang on.

Norse Mythology - Neil Gaimen (x2)

This was the audiobook version, made for the BBC. It presented the stories in the form of a woman telling a young child them to comfort her as she lay in a hospital bed. I listened to this twice with my son on a 3 hour car ride. It was his insistance on the second time. Was still good, even the second time around.

People Hacker - Jenny Radcliffe

Again, this was another audiobook, although I do own the actual hardback as well. Jenny is a fantastic storyteller with fascinating stories. Much as my son has been a fan of Jenny's podcast since he was about 2, I may have to keep him away from this one until he's a bit older.

Crime Dot Com - Geoff White

This is a technically well written book and it is well researched too. Alas, this book is not really for me as partly I knew the stories (although there were interesting extra details) and partly I just didn't seem to connect with the book. Perhaps just the way my brain works ?

Mythos - Stephen Fry

A second reading of the audiobook, this time in the car with my son. He really loves Greek Mythology, so getting him to listen to the entire triology. The subject matter is a little bit racy for an 8 year old I suppose, but he really does like the stories.

How I rob banks (and other such places) - FC (AKA Freaky Clown)

FC is a social engineer who explains various aspects of his work through the use of quite short chapters. Essentially, each chapter makes a specific point and that's about it. This is great if you want to just pick this book up, read for a little bit then put it down again. While a lot of the complexity behind some of the techniques is hidden, this book is well worth an eye-opening read.

Heroes - Stephen Fry

This book completed the set of stories for myself and my son. While this is technically the sequal to Mythos, it is a standalone book in it's own right. Again, similar to Mythos, if you liked that, you'll enjoy this.

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